You’re makin’ me blush!

Nugget No. 7… There is a new show on TV called GCB. It is a pretty scandalous show!  Some have said that this show gives Christians a bad name!  I disagree and I’ll tell you why… I believe sometimes Christians give God a bad name. Whoever wrote the book which has now become a series on TV, got the idea from somewhere!  It’s sad to me that someone would be influenced by such a people who would …call themselves Christians but engage in gossip, homosexuality, lying, manipulation, and ultimately hypocrisy!  It saddens me that we have gotten so far away from God and have picked and chosen which scriptures we want to live by!  It’s as though many Christian live according to their own agenda’s. This shows a complete lack of Faith in God’s ability to take your last breath away!  It shows a complete lack of thankfulness to our Heavenly father for everything He has done for us!  Remember, narrow is the road that leads to righteousness and we as Christians, are supposed to be a light… A beacon of Love and hope to the world!! ♥

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