Is all bad all devil?

Nugget No. 4… I’ve always been taught that anything “bad” is from the devil!  Of course he’s out there, but sometimes we give him way to much credit!  The first testimony we heard at our new church was from a young couple our age. They were giving praise to God for (I think it was a kidney stone). The husband had repeated dr. Visits and this thing would not go away. Finally the dr decided to do …some sort of scan or x-ray to see what was going on.  Just behind his lingering painful problem was a tiny little tumor.  After several treatments he was in remission and doing great!  This taught me to never put God in a box!  He can use anything. He loved this man so much that he used a tiny little something to reveal a pretty big something and gave him life once again. Jesus dying on the cross a brutal death was horrific!  Did the devil do it?  No!  God did!… In spite of the devil! He did it to give us life. He is faithful!!!!

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