Who have I been working for?

OK… Nugget No. 3 must be really good b/c FB keeps shutting it down!… QUESTIONING MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD… I began to ask myself if I had been faithful to work for man for 20 years or for God. I was stressed and beat down all the time going to a Word of Faith church constantly hearing that God would deliver us from all that. I absolutely believe God delivers us… I also believe He speaks …to us and sometimes it takes Him throwing the answer directly at your face for you to get a clue! It was one of those for me 🙂 He was speaking to me to focus on my family and songwriting… I was being pulled from every direction UNTIL… I got up the courage to step down from the ministry that I had been deathly devoted to. When I did this I was told that this move for me could cause divorce and to be careful bc now I was doing “other things” (taking Bradley to Karate) rather than doing ministry work! Over this last year, I have learned that though other people may think they are hearing from God for me, I KNOW MY FATHER’S VOICE!! I’ve learned that I can be Me no matter where or when. I have also learned that my children are my 1st ministry! They are a gift from God and it is my job/ ministry to mold them and make sure they stay on the right path (with love… not death threats)! My ministry is also to be a loving caring wife to my husband. My ministry is to write songs and allow God to do with them what He wishes and my ministry is to go wherever He sends me whether it’s India, Hondurous, the bush in Africa or a beautiful television stage/set. I am His and my life belongs to HIM!

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