God’s got my back!… Thank God!!!

Nugget No.2, what I’ve learned over the last year: God’s got my back and it’s never too late.   I served in a place for 20 years and I heard this a lot “everyone is replaceable”. Well, it’s a good thing God doesn’t feel that way!  I am SO stinkin precious to my God and so are you!  He doesn’t WANT or need to replace any of us. There is plenty of work to be done and there is a job for everyone!!  N…ot only that but it is never too late for Him to be able to fulfill His word in my life or yours!  He is faithful and no man can shut a door He opens!  When He speaks into your life the only person that can shut it down is yourself by not listening, not being obedient, or following advice from everyone else rather than the King of Kings!  I have learned to allow God to do His thing no matter what I think it’s costing me at the moment because the outcome is ALWAYS amazing!!!!

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